9 February 2011

Marbella with kisses

I am currently in sunny Spain; yep I know "why am I on a computer?" right! well It's early in the morning and the sun has not really woken up enough for me to sunbathe yet, so thought I'd get back on with my blogging while I have the time.

Attending the afternoon tea last week featuring Amanda Wakeley's SS/2011 collection was wonderful. Not only were the cakes amazing there was champagne but the best part, was that we also had a catwalk around our table! it was so lovely, a very English afternoon spent with my girls.
The collection was stunning, featuring beautiful coral dresses, the most vibrant bright blue and very chic nudes. Amanda did come and have a chat with us, but I think that actually only happened because my sister was reading her brochure at that moment (clearly on purpose). The afternoon was fashion filled and I got to top up my ring collection at the very modest Oxford Street Topshop too! happy girl!

So while I have been in Spain, I have not really done a lot in the past week, except take a much needed time out and relaxation. The sun has been shining everyday without fail, so I have also been sunbathing and making the most of the rays. We walked along the beach to Puerto Banus (the very expensive port with the biggest boats I have ever seen in my life, next to the most beautiful designer stores) from Marbella which takes about an hour and a half, but we stopped off for a very cold drink from what can only be described as a tiny bar on the beach front (picture the kind of bar you see in the movies in the sand) so that is about the only exercise I have got since I arrived! Oh well, what are holiday's for.
I have also been to the local vintage store, which is slightly out of my price range, featuring the most beautiful vintage Celine/Marc Jacobs/Chloe among some other gems! absolutely wonderful.....if only I could actually buy something.

Anyway from Spain, Adios :)

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