27 January 2011

February, i'm in love

The Cure - not a direct quote but we can change the words right! 
I thought I'd give you a little update......I am off to a very fashionable afternoon tea at The Dorchester in London Town next Wednesday, as Amanda Wakeley is showing her Spring/Summer 2011 collection, not only that she is also table hopping and chatting about personal style! errrrrrm oh gosh, I literally can't wait.....my big sis is coming down from the middle of the map and my flatmate Cha is getting involved in this little outing! very exciting. Now I will try to update soon after, but seeing as I now live in the dark ages, my Internet connection is a little sparse to say the least, so it might not be until I return home from my trip to see my fave Donsie.....in the one and only Marbella next week! woop :) no tan for me though! the weather seems pretty bad (but not as bad as here!).

So on the note of February....that does of course mean the month of the Valentine (cue little sick noises or gagging for some) well that wont be me, not because I have someone to call my valentine, but because you can always hope, that valentines day will bring you flowers to you work desk....for the first year ever ;) wellll perhaps not, but a girl can hope ;)

Here is a valentines gift that any girl would be ecstatic to receive!

Alex Monroe - 22-karat gold, cute pea pod necklace £108

10 January 2011


This textured shawl cardigan from Kimchi & Blue at Urban Outifitters is £48 and perfect to have ready for any day outfit. Very versatile and uber soft.

The Retro Necklace

There is something so refreshing about using vintage ideas for new accessories, my two favorites are the Gramophone necklace from Urban Outfitters above for £14.00 and this vintage looking camera below for £14.00. Too cute, you will never want to take them off!