3 December 2010

Stylish Techie?

No your not seeing things......I thought it about time I branch out into the styling of products and gadgets, plus Sony Ericsson sent me this to review, so thought it only right!
As I normally only talk about fashion, I will mainly concentrate on the fashionable elements of the MW600 headset. I got sent the white version, which I really like and this included inner ear headphones (which I really dislike, I have come to realise) and a charger. The overall look of this is interesting, with very few buttons, it was difficult to work out how to turn the damn thing on, without any instructions to help me work it out...I spent most of the day and evening working it out! It looks too small to be complicated, but it seems it was.  The use of white and silver makes it look really stylish and really design focused. There are white lights used on the display so its really in-keeping. The battery power is great, I have had it for around a week and haven't needed to charge it up yet! bonus!
The small design makes it really easy to clip it to your running clothing (although I wont be testing this out as I'm more of a yoga lady) I have walked to work at a fast pace and now in the snow and the clip has not slipped yet! I found the volume control sticks slightly, which is a shame and considering the rest of the product uses buttons, the fact the volume is a touch slide, made it even more confusing. So after much time spent looking like an idiot trying to press the volume button, I worked it out and turned it up! yay.
So overall, the style of the headset is really nice, the sleek design is nice but the volume issues and the sound quality is not perfect....but I think I'm being picky, as it is a tiny little thing, even smaller than your lipgloss! as for sinking it up to your mobile phone...this works and the radio finds all the right stations without taking too long.

I have to say though, the best way to use this is if you attach it to your Burberry Mac.....you know keep it stylish to the max!

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