1 October 2010

Trip to Cheshire and my Shopping Delight

I recently went to visit my family in Cheshire and every time I go, we always have a trip to the shops. This time I was looking for a winter coat. Now I like to have a new coat every year because as you wear this coat everyday for around 6 months, by that point everyone needs a change right?
So I grew up in the countryside and to me there is one brand that epitomises the country, and that is Barbour. I love the fact that you buy one coat and it lasts over 10 years of your life, it follows you through good times and bad and probably through very muddy time too! The Barbour jacket has never gone out of fashion and always keeps you dry.
Now I live in a city but that's Brighton and for those of you who have been there, Winter can be a very, very cold and disappointing time in, as it's by the sea you literally get swept off your feet by the speed of the wind and when it rains....well let's not even talk about it!
My family are amazing and my Auntie and Uncle kindly bought me my first EVER Barbour at the weekend. It is the International Parka in Black and has a little waist that you can cinch in, to create the perfect shape for your body.
I absolutely love it and will be teaming it with my wellies for the yearly back to home bonfire night, in the village I grew up.
So a word of advice.....If you want a coat to last you through the dark nights and the wet and windy days, then Barbour is your brand.

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