27 August 2010

Crop Top

There is something so sexy about this little lacey bad boy from Topshop and I tell you, if I were flatter in the stomach region, I would definitely try to pull this off! it's £16 and has matching panties too.....tres chic! (maybe one to wear round the house while your cleaning...you know just to feel glamorous! as you do ;)

13 August 2010

Whistle for Whistles

There is something so chic about Whistles clothing and accessories, the fabric they use and the way it hangs on your body. It's all made to make you look like your draped in gold and that you have paid in gold. The prices match the designs, ultra expensive for high street but oh so beautiful. Like these brown boots by Sam Edelman for Whistles. The leather is so soft they look as though they could be painted on your feet and the suede inner lining...oh the suede, literally died and went to heaven! The wedge heel making them perfect for you commute to work (you know on and off the tube/bus/train/car....not bike...definitely not bike!) That subtle detailing around the top of the heel add the je ne sais quoi. Basically I am smitten..are you? £170 not too bad if you save your pennies x signed me x

A review...for me....yay

Styling Exclusive: A blog review

So after nearly a year of blogging and really enjoying myself, a site called Be In Style reviewed my blog. It's really nice having people approach you saying nice things about what they read and I really enjoy getting feedback. They asked me to do an interview with them, so you can read all about it on their site.

Please take the time to read it and let me know what you think :)

Thanks for your support my fashionable friends x

9 August 2010

Marc Jacobs...Goes Plus Size.

I seem to be giving you all the exciting news today! Marc Jacobs plans to launch a plus size range next year. Yay so high end fashion will become more accessible to all. Such a great step to make for the brand, in my opinion. I don't think this is set yet, so watch this space!

H&M Online!!!!

Wow I never thought I'd see the day. H&M and Zara are both launching online stores in September. Zara will go live 2nd September and H&M online will go live on 16th September. I have been longing for this day, however I am sure my debit card has not! ooops online shopping spree coming on...... ;)

H&M online will sell not only Women's, Men's and Children's clothing, it will all sell soft furnishings, which aren't even in store! brilliant, literally cannot wait!