25 July 2010


I have been thinking a lot recently about what really makes me smile about fashion. It's not just the pretty floral maxi dresses and the soft blouses, or the cute sandals. It's Autumn/Winter fashion that makes me tick. The layering, the mixing of textures and fabrics, and the wool, oh the wool!
Don't get me wrong I love Summer more than you can imagine, but not for the fashion just for the sun and the summer evenings. The Autumn is where it's at for fashion. I absolutely love getting up in the morning and thinking about how to layer up for the day to come. It's so simple to do and so effective to make you feel eclectic and unique. You wouldn't find three different people in a row wearing exactly the same layered tops in the same way, however in the summer you could find your wearing the same maxi dress as the girl in front of you....not only is it embarrassing, it's scary when you have to worry about trying so hard to be different. In Autumn/Winter you don't really have that problem and you get to be you again, the individual, unique and special you!

I am counting down the summer nights until I can go shopping and buy my winter wardrobe......reading magazines for the September issue is so exciting, seeing each different take on the future fashion and loving every second. I have a little list in my head, which is my wish list of things I really want. 

Fashion excites me but for all the right reasons, not to be ahead of the fashion pack or to be the most "out there" or the most seen......just to be special in my own fashionable way, to feel amazing in my choices and to make the most out of what I have, that's what fashion is all about, that's what makes me smile!

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