30 March 2010

A little bit of sisterly love

My sister and I are somewhat similar, we both have the biggest obsession for fashion related things. She has a journalism background so her posts are rather longer and I don't know if I can say this....but more insightful and.....well better! She has a way with words and mine just don't come out.
She started her blog a little while ago and I would love for more people to have a look and a read of her fashionable ramblings. so check out her blog Style Sparkle.

I just completed a wardrobe de-clutter for her when I went to visit for her birthday and I have to say......shock horror she has a ridiculous amount of clothes. We de-cluttered about 4 bin bags worth of clothes and her wardrobe was still full, plus we didn't even finish! I dread to think how many are lurking in her OTHER wardrobe! But I love de-cluttering other peoples wardrobes, it makes you both feel so free and gives you an overwhelming feeling of...."ummmm ooops that means there is room for new clothes!" yay get shopping for Summer girls!

Thanks Gem for having so many clothes for me to route through.....oh and take home!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Sis!

    You inspired me to declutter my other wardrobe too so I added an extra couple of things to the bin bags :)

    p.s. my shoes definitely need a bit of sorting, so there is plenty more to do!