31 March 2010

The New IT Colour

Chanel Le Vernis 407 Jade - The next nail colour that you have to be on a witing list for!
I love that nails are the big hit in 2010......it's all about the now shade. Jump on a list quickly!

Unusual I know

I don't normally showcase men's fashion on here, but I came across the Zara Menswear Lookbook at Hidden Treasures Mag and couldn't resist. I have to say I absolutely love bow ties and think they look so vintage and add a quirky edge to what can be a really boring suit.

30 March 2010

A little bit of sisterly love

My sister and I are somewhat similar, we both have the biggest obsession for fashion related things. She has a journalism background so her posts are rather longer and I don't know if I can say this....but more insightful and.....well better! She has a way with words and mine just don't come out.
She started her blog a little while ago and I would love for more people to have a look and a read of her fashionable ramblings. so check out her blog Style Sparkle.

I just completed a wardrobe de-clutter for her when I went to visit for her birthday and I have to say......shock horror she has a ridiculous amount of clothes. We de-cluttered about 4 bin bags worth of clothes and her wardrobe was still full, plus we didn't even finish! I dread to think how many are lurking in her OTHER wardrobe! But I love de-cluttering other peoples wardrobes, it makes you both feel so free and gives you an overwhelming feeling of...."ummmm ooops that means there is room for new clothes!" yay get shopping for Summer girls!

Thanks Gem for having so many clothes for me to route through.....oh and take home!

A Little Bit of Summer Style

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23 March 2010

Leju Jewellery

I recently bought two rings from Leju, I just had to own a piece of their jewellery. It is made from a seed which can be found on a certain type of palm tree in the Amazonian rain forest. The seed is known as Vegetable Ivory. It is an ethical, natural source and as it is a similar hardness and colour to Elephant Ivory, Lenny Trines and Juan Munoz of Leju hope that by using Vegetable Ivory it will prevent people killing Elephants for their tusks.

I love jewellery design that has something different and special and has a story to tell, this is by far the most unique way of making jewellery I have come across yet!

It is beautiful, happy and colourful...look them up if you haven't heard of them already.
They also make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, even keyrings as well as rings

19 March 2010

Topshop Gloria Shoes

Gloria Cross Over Straps Shoes from Topshop £65
I like these because they have the all important colour tones on them for this season, yet they ease you out gently from the winter months with the closed toe.
Beautiful specimens!

More Fashion newbies on Net a Porter

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New Fashion at Net a Porter

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16 March 2010

Vintage Cardigan

I thought I would put this little random cardigan up as it is so unusual and quirky!
It is vintage so if you want it you have to be quick as it's a one off. Available from Rokit this multicoloured sequined cardigan is £95 in size small. The price is little expensive but all that detailing it's no wonder!
Rokit have put it in their Alice in Wonderland section.

12 March 2010

Cute Little Dress

How cute is this dress!
Antipodium Hot Under The Scholar Dress
Available from ASOS designer

The little collar is so sweet and it brings the little black dress up to date with the brass button detailing.

My blog post

I recently wrote an article for iCrossing on their blog Connect. For those of you who don't know iCrossing, they are a search engine optimisation company.

Please have a read through if your interested in fashion and search and how the two work so well together.

The Importance of Utilising Fashion Trends for Search