8 February 2010

Topshop Rant....

When I saw the new Spring/Summer collection for Topshop I was......how do you say.......shocked!

It is by far the most terrible thing I have ever laid my eyes on and it burned my retinas to a cinder! I hate it more than anything in the world! I realise I might be being a tad over dramatic but seriously who is going to wear the above dress? (which is not only see-through which is disgusting in itself but is actually probably the best of the collection) or the below dress which you can see the bottom of the models breasts and she is a size 0 with flat boobs! umm ok...

The whole thing is a disaster and if anyone actually buys this shit I am going to have words! I normally stick up for Topshop but their designers have taken drugs and spun around for a while because small children in pre-school could conjure up better ideas!!!!!!

It's hideous and pretentious and unflattering and NOT NORMAL! I thought Topshop were supposed to be for the everyday fashionista, but I don't care who they are they really should sack the designers on this one! BAD BAD BAD......

rant over!

to see the full collection view it at InStyle

1 comment:

  1. Oh I Love it alll .... next pay packet already spent! I also wondered why topshop had been in school before xmas!!!