10 December 2009

Top 10 Fashion of 2009

1. Nude - was here with avengence this spring/summer, from nude underwear right down to nude shoes and accessories

2. Colour blocking - this popped up from nowhere and had us all in amazing clashing colours

3. The asymmetric dress - how could you go through this summer without owning one of these! it just didn't happen.

4. Leather Jacket - worn with pretty much anything for style injection

5. Little Black Dress - never goes out of style.

6. Deconstructed dress - kind of random but definitely individual.

7. The Balmain Shoulders - hot and so 80's we love them!

8. Men's style shoes - not sure I get on with these but they do look cute with the right outfit like this one below!

9. Trophy Jacket -metallic and all things sparkly. How can you not end the year in sparkles it just wouldn't be right not to get involved.

10. Finally the Fur coat - hopefully faux everyone! but we finish this off with the staple in every ones wardrobes and the one everyone is talking about! from leopard print to the more demure dark brown and black, the fur coat is the essential for this Autumn/Winter...and if you can find one which suits your shape aka Alexa Chung, you have made the best choice of your life!

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