19 November 2009

Twitter saving fashion???

Designers have started using Twitter for help on their new collections. I kind of thought that designers use their own inspiration for their collections not using the general public.

Twitter I suppose is the way to do it if you asking for help. Short and sweet answers is all they will get. Stefano Gabbana via his Tweets said that he will "accept suggestions on Women's collection...(just 2day)"

Well obviously people replied..I only wonder what their next collection will turn out to be, a mix and match of the most random designs in the world I can only imagine! interesting none the less.
Twitter makes it amazingly easy to reach a large amount of people at the same time, with real time updates and applications on your phone, you can pretty much reach anyone you like. So I have to say well done for giving it a go, and I do hope he picks the right ones!

To read the full collection of random fashion tweets see The Guardian

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