26 November 2009

Topshop 'Dress me up' Collection

Topshop are opening a hiring service with dresses donated by celebrities. You can hire a dress for £40 with donations from Freida Pinto, Christopher Kane, Dita Von Teese and Kate Moss with Lanvin as shown in the picture.

The items are up for hire between 7th-23rd December, but you can start browsing and try them on today!

What a great idea to make these little treasures available to the people who can't afford to buy them outright.

They will go quickly, but you can only hire them for 2 days and you have to leave a security deposit (obviously) but this will be refunded.

See the full article at Marie Claire.

My Pick of the Day

24 November 2009

THE dress...

After watching X-Factor at the weekend and absolutely falling in love with Dannii Minogue's dress...I just had to find it. Well this isn't quite it, but close enough, same colour same neck line same designer just a short version. But perfect for a day at work or an understated evening outing.

Let me know if you come across the actual dress.


19 November 2009

Twitter saving fashion???

Designers have started using Twitter for help on their new collections. I kind of thought that designers use their own inspiration for their collections not using the general public.

Twitter I suppose is the way to do it if you asking for help. Short and sweet answers is all they will get. Stefano Gabbana via his Tweets said that he will "accept suggestions on Women's collection...(just 2day)"

Well obviously people replied..I only wonder what their next collection will turn out to be, a mix and match of the most random designs in the world I can only imagine! interesting none the less.
Twitter makes it amazingly easy to reach a large amount of people at the same time, with real time updates and applications on your phone, you can pretty much reach anyone you like. So I have to say well done for giving it a go, and I do hope he picks the right ones!

To read the full collection of random fashion tweets see The Guardian

18 November 2009

M&S get all personalised

M&S are doing a made to measure service for men's shirts. This is such a brilliant idea and other stores should definitely follow suit!

The prices start at an extremely reasonable £29.00 and go up to £49.50.

You can personalise your shirt choice right down to the hem line and what type of collar you want. This service is brilliant and an individual way to style yourself.

On the left is a little information on the service M&S provide.

Why didn't anyone else offer this sooner? it is so great to see an affordable brand get a little more exclusive.

Thanks to Adam at icrossing for sending this information my way!

13 November 2009

Party Dresses

Here is my pick of my favorite party dresses
All available from Asos

12 November 2009

Luella no longer!

I cant quite believe it....Luella is to cease trading! this is sad news for all Luella followers and I for one am devastated, no more will there be fun, young frolicking fashion adorning our bosoms.
To read the full article see The Guardian.

If you are a fan and own a blog, please add the Save Luella Button on my right side bar to your page. Show your love!

6 November 2009

Karl Donoghue

These cute Karl Donoghue ear muffs are perfect to stick on for your firework display for instant fashion hit and warm too!

I love!

£80 from Net A Porter

Bonfire Suitable Coats

Vivienne Westwood

Here is a little collection of the best winter coats for your Bonfire weekend....


5 November 2009

Stella McCartney for Gap Kids

Stella McCartney launched her range of children's clothes for Gap Kids on 2nd November...so how could I resist but go in there and take a look.

The collection is so lovely, with quite a few pieces in similar tones including mink coloured trousers and really cute pink tops like the one above.

As I don't actually have any children of my own, I had to think of someone else I could buy something for...luckily my partner has two cute little niece's and a Little nephew! So I bought the above pink dress for Eva the cute 2 year old (soon to be 3) and I love it!

Anyone who can check out this collection please do, it's so worth it!

Available at Gap kids in selected stores.

4 November 2009

I am back...and it's about to get HOT!!!

H&M launches their Jimmy Choo collaboration

@ 9am on Saturday November 14

Get ready for the manic rush and be there super early!

A preview of the collection is available at H&M online