4 October 2009

The Coatigan

Well ladies, it's that time of year again. Falling temperatures (and leaves) signify that we must accept that any hope of a Summer is gone. It's also the time that many of us come to realise that the power-shouldered jackets we've been sporting of late, just won't cut it for the harsh weather of winter.

There are lots of fabulous coat options around already, but if you don't feel quite ready to don your winter coat just yet, there is an alternative.

The coatigan - a cardigan that can be worn as a coat (yes, I did make it up! You heard it here first). Although you may have been using cardigans as an Autumn in-between for a while, this year you'll have lots of options for cardigans that are designed to look like a coat.

The above image is in fact a coat that is designed to look like a cardigan, (knitted silk coat by Rocha £2435). It's all about comfort and warmth this season, although if you team your coatigan with some peep-toe boots and you've evened out practicality and style.

Until next time, keep warm and be stylish.


1 comment:

  1. That "coatigan" is absolutely lovely!!! Wanted one from Zara but they sold out - just my luck!