23 September 2009

Finally a Size 12!

When I heard that a stylist had walked out of Mark Fast's show at London Fashion Week because the designer had used size 12 and 14 models, I felt ashamed! why would a stylist (who by the way should know that their job is to make everyone look wonderful) walk out just because finally they have used a normal looking model. When I say normal I mean someone who is of a size that is perfectly acceptable and healthy.

Erika Kurihara was the stylist who told The Guardian newspaper that she left Saturday's show by up-and-coming knitwear designer Mark Fast because they "did not have the right walk for the catwalk'' -- but said she had no problem with larger women.

I think it is incredible that size 12 and 14 women cause such a fuss at London Fashion Week, when in the everyday world no one would turn a single head!
The only reason anyone made a fuss is because people are so used to seeing stick thin models on the catwalk, who in my opinion look ill and it is unacceptable to be promoting such unrealistic figures.

I think the models looked great and I would much prefer to see a size 12 or 14 model with womanly curves on a catwalk, than an ill looking waif!

Thank you Mark Fast!

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