6 April 2011

Romantic Ideas

There is something so summery and romantic about a flowing midi skirt. If you are to buy anything for this summer, go and buy one of these. There are great alternatives if this colour doesn't appeal to you. Topshop have a bright red midi skirt, Zara has a dark beige one, but this one from Mango is a little bit special for me. It hits the ballerina trend in one swoop, but at £74.90....it is the most expensive out of the bunch. Just trust me when I say, you wont regret it.

25 February 2011

My ring obesession, just got BIGGER

For those of you who know me, you'll have realised by now, that I am somewhat obsessed with massive rings....I have a collection which is growing by the minute! So here is one below which I have purchased recently and the cluster ring below it, is one I may have to get, as it's just too pretty to walk past.

Topshop - Red oval stone double ring £10.00
Topshop - Cluster ring £8.50

9 February 2011

Marbella with kisses

I am currently in sunny Spain; yep I know "why am I on a computer?" right! well It's early in the morning and the sun has not really woken up enough for me to sunbathe yet, so thought I'd get back on with my blogging while I have the time.

Attending the afternoon tea last week featuring Amanda Wakeley's SS/2011 collection was wonderful. Not only were the cakes amazing there was champagne but the best part, was that we also had a catwalk around our table! it was so lovely, a very English afternoon spent with my girls.
The collection was stunning, featuring beautiful coral dresses, the most vibrant bright blue and very chic nudes. Amanda did come and have a chat with us, but I think that actually only happened because my sister was reading her brochure at that moment (clearly on purpose). The afternoon was fashion filled and I got to top up my ring collection at the very modest Oxford Street Topshop too! happy girl!

So while I have been in Spain, I have not really done a lot in the past week, except take a much needed time out and relaxation. The sun has been shining everyday without fail, so I have also been sunbathing and making the most of the rays. We walked along the beach to Puerto Banus (the very expensive port with the biggest boats I have ever seen in my life, next to the most beautiful designer stores) from Marbella which takes about an hour and a half, but we stopped off for a very cold drink from what can only be described as a tiny bar on the beach front (picture the kind of bar you see in the movies in the sand) so that is about the only exercise I have got since I arrived! Oh well, what are holiday's for.
I have also been to the local vintage store, which is slightly out of my price range, featuring the most beautiful vintage Celine/Marc Jacobs/Chloe among some other gems! absolutely wonderful.....if only I could actually buy something.

Anyway from Spain, Adios :)

27 January 2011

February, i'm in love

The Cure - not a direct quote but we can change the words right! 
I thought I'd give you a little update......I am off to a very fashionable afternoon tea at The Dorchester in London Town next Wednesday, as Amanda Wakeley is showing her Spring/Summer 2011 collection, not only that she is also table hopping and chatting about personal style! errrrrrm oh gosh, I literally can't wait.....my big sis is coming down from the middle of the map and my flatmate Cha is getting involved in this little outing! very exciting. Now I will try to update soon after, but seeing as I now live in the dark ages, my Internet connection is a little sparse to say the least, so it might not be until I return home from my trip to see my fave Donsie.....in the one and only Marbella next week! woop :) no tan for me though! the weather seems pretty bad (but not as bad as here!).

So on the note of February....that does of course mean the month of the Valentine (cue little sick noises or gagging for some) well that wont be me, not because I have someone to call my valentine, but because you can always hope, that valentines day will bring you flowers to you work desk....for the first year ever ;) wellll perhaps not, but a girl can hope ;)

Here is a valentines gift that any girl would be ecstatic to receive!

Alex Monroe - 22-karat gold, cute pea pod necklace £108

10 January 2011


This textured shawl cardigan from Kimchi & Blue at Urban Outifitters is £48 and perfect to have ready for any day outfit. Very versatile and uber soft.

The Retro Necklace

There is something so refreshing about using vintage ideas for new accessories, my two favorites are the Gramophone necklace from Urban Outfitters above for £14.00 and this vintage looking camera below for £14.00. Too cute, you will never want to take them off!

3 December 2010

Leopard print...yes please

Scarves are a great way to update an outfit, wear over a boring t-shirt and hey presto you have brightened it up. This one is not only fashionable but also functional, being a wool and cashmere blend, its perfect to keep you warm on a snowy day.Yves Saint Laurent £660 from Net-a-Porter.

Beauty is all about THAT dress

I think I'm in love.......
No really, look! not just sparkly, but look at the shape, it's unbelievable. A design by Rachel Gilbert - Leticia sequined strapless gown from NET-A-PORTER £830, a steal ;) if only.....a girl can dream right?!

Stylish Techie?

No your not seeing things......I thought it about time I branch out into the styling of products and gadgets, plus Sony Ericsson sent me this to review, so thought it only right!
As I normally only talk about fashion, I will mainly concentrate on the fashionable elements of the MW600 headset. I got sent the white version, which I really like and this included inner ear headphones (which I really dislike, I have come to realise) and a charger. The overall look of this is interesting, with very few buttons, it was difficult to work out how to turn the damn thing on, without any instructions to help me work it out...I spent most of the day and evening working it out! It looks too small to be complicated, but it seems it was.  The use of white and silver makes it look really stylish and really design focused. There are white lights used on the display so its really in-keeping. The battery power is great, I have had it for around a week and haven't needed to charge it up yet! bonus!
The small design makes it really easy to clip it to your running clothing (although I wont be testing this out as I'm more of a yoga lady) I have walked to work at a fast pace and now in the snow and the clip has not slipped yet! I found the volume control sticks slightly, which is a shame and considering the rest of the product uses buttons, the fact the volume is a touch slide, made it even more confusing. So after much time spent looking like an idiot trying to press the volume button, I worked it out and turned it up! yay.
So overall, the style of the headset is really nice, the sleek design is nice but the volume issues and the sound quality is not perfect....but I think I'm being picky, as it is a tiny little thing, even smaller than your lipgloss! as for sinking it up to your mobile phone...this works and the radio finds all the right stations without taking too long.

I have to say though, the best way to use this is if you attach it to your Burberry Mac.....you know keep it stylish to the max!

23 November 2010

Lanvin loves H&M

 I have to say I love H&M too.....but with the site almost crashing at the pressure of online fashion savvy peeps shopping desperately to get there hands on this fashion love child, it was enough to want to stay away for me. With all the items saying (sold out) before you could even click on your size. Its the same every time something great happens with online fashion. Just look at The Outnet with their £1 sale. That put me off for life. With Twitter going mad with complaints and to with stories that people were even trying to shop on the Swedish and German H&M site! which was also crashing.
 Th collection itself looks fantastic, with perfect little on trend dresses for the party season and cute little jackets.....it got me interested lets say. However with only 4 pages for women and 4 pages for men, it just wasn't enough! We need more H&M!....Amy has her sad face on, at missing out once again.